Colorado Springs chiropractor, Dr. Lara Condon

Dr. Lara Condon, Colorado Springs Chiropractor

Hi, I’m Dr. Lara Condon. I was raised in rural Pennsylvania with my family who lived a natural, healthy lifestyle of home cooking, gardening and fresh country air. A car accident in high school is what took me to see my first Chiropractor. What I thought was going to be just a quick fix for my neck pain, ended up changing my life forever. As my chiropractor taught me about the body’s innate ability to heal, I began to see the healing in my own life. The depression and anxiety I had dealt with for years became nearly non-existent. My mind became clearer which made school easier. My field hockey game improved, but most of all I felt HAPPY! Life was good again.

Going through college, I knew I wanted to help people. As I was about to graduate with a social work degree, I realized I would be better able to help people the same way I had been helped in high school – with Chiropractic! This decision led me to South Carolina where I completed my Doctorate in Chiropractic at Sherman College in 1999. Years later, after practicing on my own, I met my husband John and we practiced together in Encinitas, California for 15 years. During that time, we had three children of our own and my passion for natural birth, natural healthcare and healthy lifestyle grew. I have helped women through pregnancy and have had the honor to attend births, freeing up the spine to allow for an easier delivery. Having our own family, my husband and I live what we teach. Every vitamin, exercise, or lifestyle recommendation comes from our own experience and what we do. I love working out, hiking, skiing, gardening and cooking healthy meals for my family. It is my passion to help people at any stage of life to remove interferences and lead a more balanced, active and healthy life.